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graffiti removal fitzroy

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Each graffiti problem is unique, and each requires different solutions. Graffiti Removal Fitzroy specialises in all types of graffiti removal needs. We understand how stressful it is for property owners to face problems like vandalism, so our team is here to help. No matter what type of chemicals the vandals used to ruin the beauty of your property or community, we have it all covered.

How Does It Work?

Depending on the type of paint used in the graffiti and the type of surface, we use a specific or a combination of methods in order to effectively remove the eyesore. Because our job is done in public places, we make sure we deliver the best results all the time – guaranteed! So how do we do it?

Our team carefully conducts careful assessment and inspection of the graffiti first, taking note of the kind of chemical used, the surface, and the extent of damage. Doing so allows us to determine the most appropriate method to remove the graffiti. We utilise the following techniques:

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Graffiti Removers

For smaller vandalised spaces such as light poles, dumpsters, mailboxes, manual cleaning may suffice. Our team uses scouring pads and graffiti removing solutions. However, it is important to understand that some of these graffiti removers are harsh on the skin. This is why it is best left to the experts as we have the training and the proper protective equipment to get the job done without compromising health and safety.

Pressure Washing

Mostly applied to large surfaces made of durable concrete. It is a go-to solution for removing graffiti as it effectively removes the paint without having to use chemicals and other harsh cleaning solutions. However, pressure washing must be done carefully as it could damage delicate surfaces. Using the right kind of nozzle and pressure is the key.

Soft Washing

This uses low pressure water combined with eco-friendly spray paint remover and cleaning solutions to effectively remove graffiti from surfaces made of bricks, masonry, and stucco.

Colour Matching

Some paints and chemicals vandals use are quite difficult to remove, especially on old wooden surfaces. The best way to do this is to paint over the graffiti using the closest paint colour. This is more practical and less tedious than having to remove the paint and damage the surface. To maximise results, opt for an anti-graffiti coating to prevent the surface from being vandalised again. Our company offers you a wide-range of choices for touch up painting.

Get rid of that graffiti today!

Your One-Stop Graffiti Cleaner in Fitzroy

Graffiti removal may look like an easy task that you can do on your own. The truth is that, it isn’t. This job requires expertise. You have to be knowledgeable of the different surfaces and paints, and the extent of their bond to the surface or coating because these are the factors that will determine the most accurate graffiti cleaning solution. 

When you need to get rid of the unsightly graffiti from the walls of your property and your neighbourhood, call Graffiti Removal Fitzroy right away. We guarantee exceptional results at very competitive graffiti removal cost. Get in touch with our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our Clients:

What is the best graffiti remover?

In order to determine the best graffiti remover, it is important to know what kind of surface was vandalised, and the type of material used – acrylic paint, ink, or any type of paint used. This means there is a specific graffiti remover for each surface like concrete, natural stone, masonry, and painted surfaces. There are also specially formulated graffiti removers for hardened paint, ink or acrylic paint.

How do you protect the wall from graffiti?

Whilst you can’t completely eliminate the possibility of getting your property’s wall vandalised, there are anti-graffiti paint and coating products available today that prevents paint to stick and bond to the surface so they can easily be removed.

Can I use power washer to remove graffiti?

Yes. Power washing or pressure washing using high-temperature water can effectively dissolve and wash away paint. However, it is important to understand that you use the right water pressure and nozzle so you won’t end up damaging the surfaces you are spraying.

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